LearnApp Zerodha: A Complete Guide for 2020

Introduction of LearnApp Zerodha

Zerodha is a Bengaluru based firm offering brokerage to its traders. It provides the cheapest brokering services to its customers and also provides stock market education to its trades to make them aware regarding trading, financial services, investment strategies, etc. Zerodha has invested heavily in its LearnApp.

LearnApp Zerodha

Login Process in LearnApp with Zerodha

The log in process in LearnApp with Zerodha is very simple. First, go to the official website where you will get three options to log in:

  1. Sign in with Facebook
  2. Sign in with Zerodha Kite
  3. Sign in with Google

As per Zerodha brokerage review, LearnApp offers a free trial and by clicking on any of the above-given options, you can get access to their content. You can also buy their plans from the list given.

Features of LearnApp Zerodha

LearnApp Zerodha offers many features which are:

  • Video Course on Trading and investing: No matter if you are a novice or an experienced player, Zerodha offers video courses for everyone. The best part about LearnApp Zerodha is that education is delivered by industry experts which are the top executives of the financial services companies. The app has over 25 video courses which are categorized in the following heads:
    • Business & Management
    • Investing
    • Trading
    • Financial Services

    Zerodha keeps on adding fresh content regarding how to open Demat account on Zerodha & more to the app so that investors can make more sound decisions regarding their financial investments.

  • Online Classes: Zerodha offers online classes to its customers and there are already 64 classes online. The topics range from intermediate levels to advanced levels. The topics range from intermediate levels to advanced levels regarding Zerodha trading platforms. Also, it provides online classes regarding the GTT order. You can also find more about the Zerodha Good Till Triggered (GTT) order from our guide.
  • Live Classes: Through LearnApp Zerodha, anyone can attend the live classes that are held online. The classes are very productive as it offers two-way communication during the class.
  • Assessment Quiz: The quiz section is added to ensure that the knowledge is given correctly to the person who has taken it. The quiz has graphs and charts and there is a timer too so that each client can learn efficiently.

LearnApp Zerodha Live Classes

Charges of LearnApp Zerodha

According to the Broker comparison of Zerodha & Sharekhan, It offers two plans to its traders. The first one is the quarterly plan while the other is the yearly plan. The quarterly plan is charged at Rs. 1500 + GST and the yearly plan is charged at Rs. 4500 + GST.

For investors looking for a long-term commitment, Zerodha offers a yearly plan of Rs.4500. The App is easily accessible with an internet connection and mobile device.


Zerodha has launched an affordable app, which can help both novice and seasoned traders alike in enriching their trading knowledge and learning new trading strategies and you can know more about the educational resources in one click. The knowledge is imparted by the best financial leaders of the industry. The app comes with an affordable subscription and offers valuable knowledge related to investment strategies.

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